Russian tactical Assault BOOTS URBAN "MANGUST" olive 24041

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This model is a classic "tactical" police boot. I passed the test in many special units of Russia. It received the highest scores for indicators such as durability and comfort of employees OMON, SPETSNAZ, SOBR, VITYAZ, ALPHA.

   The top combo: velours (1.3 - 1.5 mm) +
   100% cotton (density 350g / m2).
   Lining: mesh laminated.
   Sole: rubber increased durability
   (Italy), BUTEK 1.
   The method of attaching soles: glue.
   Insoles: metal.
   Toe and heel: reinforced thermoplastic
   Semi-dull valve. Soft edge.
   Colour: olive.
   The toe and heel of the leather with reinforced
   PU-coated high-strength "Matrix" (Italy).
   Weight: 610 gr.