MODERN GORKA 3 BARS Russian special force tactical airsoft uniform

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Gorka uniforms used in the special forces of Russian Armed Forces. This is a purely field clothes, developed, guided by purely practical considerations. Gorka uniform it is perfect airsoft gear.

Free cutting was designed so as not to hamper the movement of fighters in the mountainous area.
Wide neck for better ventilation and ease of quick dressing over his head.
Pockets, wrists and elbows are reinforced with an additional layer of durable nylon.
Elastic on the sides of the waist and wrists.
Roomy hood with adjustable tension cords well.

In the enclosing elastic waist.
Reinforced knees, seat and lower leg.
Elastic at the waist and around the calves.
Two large cargo pockets, two back pockets and a welt on the side.