BTK raincoat water wind resistant suit VKBO Russian uniform

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Modern BTK uniform VKBO level 6 rain / wind / water protection coat (jacket and trousers) features:

- Breathable fabrics with wind / waterproof membrane
- Glued seams
- Good protection against heavy rain
- Keeps dry heat under clothes
- Wear-resistant, light, cozy and compact
- Textile fasteners Velcro
- Waterproof zipper fasteners YKK

Comfortable jacket with hood, central side fastener on two-zippered zipper, closed with double windproof valve. On the front part there are ventilation holes on zippers, providing access to the inner layers of clothing. In the elbows area - reinforcement lining of high-strength fabric Cordura 350D. Width of the bottom of the jacket is adjustable with a rubber cord and latches.
Pants with button fastener and zipper. Waist width is regulated by elastic cord with locks. At the bottom of the pants at the side seams - zippers for easy removal of trousers and easy access to shoes. Width of the trousers at the bottom is regulated by a patch with a textile clasp. Trousers reinforced with lining of high-strength fabric of Cordura 350D type in the area of knees and seat.