Modular transport Vest 6SH117 modern RATNIK combat equipment MOLLE

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Modern tactical LBV vest 6SH117 Russian army UMBTS digital camouflage universal system, adjustable size. Modular transport MOLLE vest, used in Ratnik equipment Warrior. Modernized version of 6SH116. Consists of the platform and additional pouches:

2 x pouches AK74 (AKM) mags + signal rocket pouch and bayonet knife
2 x pouches for 2 AK74 (AKM) mags
2 x pouches for 5 VOG-25 Shots
2 x universal pouches
Sapper shovel pouch
Water flask pouch
Combat backpack (7L)
Packing bag, spare parts, instruction manual
Gas mask pouch
Cover for insulating carpet
Set of hermetic cases
Radio pouch