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High quality meat product. Beef stew is the most favourite military soldiers and officers delicacy, ..
Russian Army military Officer leather camouflage belt. Russian military surplus. New, never used. ..
Russian Army military MRE (meal ready to eat) daily food ration IRP-2 - balanced set of fats and car..
New generation field belt, made for Russian Army soldiers and Officers. Made of nylon and metal, bel..
Soviet Army universal FOOD KETTLE. Never used. The kettle consists of the kettle itself, the flask a..
Russian Army increased MRE most calorific food pack RPG. Provided to Special Forces during operation..
Military special camo groundsheet used in Ukrainian Army BDU pattern. Comes with carry bag. New cond..
Camouflage canvas case for standard Soviet and Russian standart military water flasks. Made for conn..
Original Russian Army shoulder sling for Kalashnikov. Connected to the machine gun for hanging on th..
Russian military modern camo sleeping bag. Pattern - Russian Digital. Made of waterproof and durable..
Russian Army Individual food ration, variant 2, made by OBORONPRODCOMPLECT factory. Camouflage seale..
PNV-10T Russian military night vision device is designed for night observation, driving vehicles and..
Special warm winter gloves, made for Russian Army soldiers and officers. Digital flora pattern, also..
Russian digital special camouflage sleeping bag. Made of waterproof and durable fabrics, comes with ..
Special documents and map case with 8 inner pockets. Russian digital pattern, waterproof pockets, di..
FES 6E2 flashlight military Russian Army gear ФЭС 6Э2 with a helmet mount connector, consisting in s..
Russian Army special military cloth bag for covering AKS-74 Kalashnikov machine guns with inner maga..
Special camouflage cover for standard Russian Army water flasks. Connected to the belt, new and neve..
Synthetic camo net - closes the facility by 70%. Net-based with 2-sided film glewn on it (brown and ..
Russian Army military masking camo net, size 6 x 3m. Made of cotton. Perfect for tactical military o..
Russian Army Marines military camouflage gloves. Flora pattern, warm lining inside. Given to Russian..
Army bivy bag. Represents itself as a matter of fact a single tent. Used in the special forces of th..
A set of elongated underwear consists of a sweatshirt and pants. A sweatshirt with a round neck, an ..
Statutory short thermal underwear from the VKPO kit. It is intended for use by personnel of the Arme..
This modern tactical gloves-mittens universal used by snipers in Russian army. Its popularity is cau..
Scarf vkbo is a tube with a draw. It gets dressed over the head. Made of genuine fleece. The to..
Special military rubberized raincoat, made for Russian Army pointsmen. Never used surplus, comes wit..